Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Placebopaths represented by new body

Vice Cancellor of the prestigous Placebo Power Institute, Dr. O. None, has welcomed the formation of the Australian Placebo Medicine Society, APMS.

APMS will solely accredit Placebopaths, so that consumers can have complete faith when dealing with an accredited APMS member that all remedies dispensed are Placebo-Active*.

"APMS will represent Placebopaths at medical conferences and seminars as well as make representations to government re Placebology being included on the Medicare list bof approved practices", he said.

Drs. None, Cox and Berlecky are the foundation members of APMS.

* Copyright None Laboratories 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vice Chancellor denies Conflict of Interest

Institute Vice Chancellor Dr. O. None (pictured left) has rebuffed suggestions that there exists a conflict of interest because his company, None Laboratories, has the exclusive rights to manufacture medications based on discoveries by Placebopaths working at the Institute.

"My shares in None Laboratories have been placed in a family trust and are at arms length from me while I fulfill my role here as Vice Chancellor," he said between media interviews at the launch of H2zerO the revolutionary new Placebo-Active alternative to bottled water.

"For the period of my tenure as Vice Chancellor my position at None Labs is being filled by my brother Zero, so there is no conflict of interest whatsoever. The Institute does not have a commercial focus," he emphatically concluded.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Singing the Flu's away

Researchers at the Institute have released the results of their recent experiments which may indicate that practitioners of Dr. Cox and Dr. None's revolutionary new breathing/singing technique, as described in their popular book Experience Life Before Death in Two Minutes & Fifty Seconds, may also be inadvertently innoculating themselves against Swine Flu.

Early results show that not one of the devotees of the technique has been struck down with the disease, which is on the verge of being declared a pandemic.

Research results in detail.
Recent purchasers of
Experience Life Before Death in Two Minutes & Fifty Seconds were being interviewed re their disease history when a student noticed that not one of the subjects reported having suffered from Swine Flu.
Senior researchers then expanded their sample base to include as many purchasers as thay were able to track down using sales receipts from All Good Bookstores, the official marketer of
Experience Life Before Death in Two Minutes & Fifty Seconds.
To their amazment not one person who had purchased the book and tried the technique which enables practitioners to achieve genuine Pre-Death experiences, reported any symptoms of Swine Flu.

Institute Vice-Chancellor, Dr. O. None feels that although more testing is necessary before a definite link between use of the technique and immunity from infection can be declared certain, the urgency of the current situation demands that the Institute's results should be made public so that Australians can decide for themselves how best to cope with the current danger to their families.

Experience Life Before Death in Two Minutes & Fifty Seconds is available at All Good Bookstores.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Courses now available. Imagine the possibilities

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